Paulette Nnorom created this online coaching program after helping hundreds of articling students and Law Practice Program candidates gain the confidence, skills and knowledge they needed to find their first job as a lawyer. Lawyer Coach Paulette combined the best techniques from career practitioners across North America into this step-by-step program. The program saves you time and frustration from having to figure it out on your own. Don’t guess, take the proven pathway to success!

Many law firms enrol their articling students who are not hired back in this program.

Learn more about what’s included in the program below…

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Past client, Nicole Myers

“Looking back, what I achieved with Lawyer Coach Paulette would have taken me years to do on my own. I consulted an expert in the field to gain insight and to enhance my professional potential. I am thriving professionally and I am happy overall.”

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What’s included in the program?

A 12-Step Module System that is video-based (scroll down to learn more about this system). Each video module will progressively take you through your job search, step-by-step. Modules run for roughly 20 – 40 minutes each.

You’ll access tools and techniques that will allow you to become a sophisticated jobseeker.  In fact, you’ll command
respect from the Bar that you reach out to.

Plus, you’ll get downloadable transcripts of each module (this is great for people who learn by reading), screenshots of key career documents, templates and resources so you can hit the ground running!

Bonus: we’ll also show you how to set up a LinkedIn account and maximize it.

PLUS: This program contains 12 Professionalism Hours once you complete a one-on-one workshop with Lawyer Coach Paulette! That’s all your CPD hours for the year!!

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What You’ll Be Learning: The 12-Step Module System

Module 1: Hit the “Pause” Button

  • You’ll understand the mindset it takes to succeed so that you’re confident and
    grounded in your search

Module 2: Two Ways to Find a Job

  • You’ll learn first-principles about a job search and the two ways of finding a job

Module 3: What is Your Ideal Associate Position?

  • You’ll learn to lay a proper foundation with a questionnaire that will assist you
    in developing a focus
  • Even if you’re changing practice areas from what you articled in or did a work
    placement in, you’ll learn how to develop a focus for your job search

Module 4: The Makings of a Personal Brand

  • Many new lawyers don’t place a lot of emphasis on branding, but it’s
    especially important in the early stages of one’s career
  • You’ll end up developing an elevator pitch that articulates your focus while
    incorporating your personal values and strengths

Module 5: The Market and Setting Up Job Alerts

  • You’ll be shown how to assess the market to determine what’s hot or not!
  • You’ll learn how to set up job alerts by watching Lawyer Coach Paulette on and LinkedIn, and what search strings she recommends
  • You’ll also learn about recruiters and how they work

Module 6: Updating Your Résumé

  • You’ll gain insight into how a certified résumé writer applies strategy
    (for different profile weaknesses) by watching Lawyer Coach Paulette
    update a résumé
  • You’ll update your résumé with expert tips, a checklist and résumé critique

Module 7: Assembling and Maintaining Your References

  • You’ll learn how to go about securing the best references and when to reach
    out to your references throughout your search

Module 8: Tapping into the Hidden Job Market

  • You’ll learn the best techniques for tapping into the hidden job market so
    you can uncover jobs that don’t and won’t get advertised
  • You’ll learn the ins and outs of coffee dates, including what to say in
    your outreach email, what to say on the coffee date, how to follow up and
    when to pivot for job opportunities
  • Plus, you’ll get a printable checklist to ensure you’re always on the right track!

Module 9: Why You Need a LinkedIn Profile

  • You’ll learn how to leverage LinkedIn for networking purposes
  • You’ll receive a LinkedIn critique form to help maximize your online presence
  • We’ve even included a guide to set up a LinkedIn account if you don’t already
    have one!

Module 10: Writing a Cover Letter

  • You’ll learn how to write a killer cover letter by watching Lawyer Coach
    Paulette edit one
  • You’ll also get a cover letter checklist to ensure you’re meeting the legal
    profession’s standards

Module 11: Preparing for an Interview

  • You’ll learn how to prepare for before, during and after your interview
  • And with virtual and phone interviews becoming more popular, you’ll get a guide
    to help you succeed interview preparation
  • You’ll even receive a list of questions that you can ask an interviewer!

Module 12: The Job Offer and Negotiations

  • You’ll learn how to address questions about salary during the interview process
  • You’ll get a worksheet to assess a job offer and prepare for negotiations
  • You’ll be empowered to conduct your own negotiations so you don’t leave extra
    money on the table!

Are you newly called to the Bar?

In Ontario, that means you have either completed your articles or the Law Practice Program placement, or received an NCA certificate. In other jurisdictions, it will mean that you are called to a Bar. All are welcome!

Will you be called to the Bar?

You are either waiting for a call date, or will be called at some point in the near future. In either case, you will benefit from laying a proper job search foundation now!

Are you diligent and willing to learn?

This program is for people who are willing to invest the time and energy to learn how to conduct a proper job search, then implement what you've slackers allowed!

Can you set up a basic spreadsheet?

Because this coaching program gets you to use a spreadsheet to add structure to your search, you should have access to Excel or a similar program and have a basic working knowledge of how to use it. We will show you how!

Are you a LinkedIn user (or prepared to be one) ?

LinkedIn is one of the best job search tools out there! Don't worry if you don't have one yet, we'll show you how.

Are you smart?

This program will help you develop a target market to work backwards from. Those who don't have a focus or are not prepared to develop a focus, get frustrated fast...we work with smart people!