Paulette Nnorom is the founder of Creative Choices for the 21st Century Lawyer Inc. A 21st century lawyer herself, Paulette discovered a gap in career building skills among the profession and decided to build a platform of services exclusively for lawyers and law students.

Lawyer Coach Paulette is a certified career and résumé strategist. Her expertise in navigating the hidden job market has helped hundreds of new-calls land their first job as a lawyer.

Many of the bigger law firms hire a career consultant, such as Lawyer Coach Paulette, to help articling students find their first position as a lawyer. She’s been doing this work since 2010, and most of it is with individuals such as you!

Read why she developed this program:

 “I developed this online platform for articling students, LPP candidates and new-calls because I know what it’s like to suddenly be looking for your first job as a lawyer. I wasn’t hired back myself, and I wish I had an easy-to-follow program to help navigate my job search. 

 This platform incorporates all the tools and techniques necessary to conduct a successful job search in the 21st century. So much has changed in how to conduct a proper job search. The program saves you time and frustration from figuring it out on your own (let alone adversely impacting your reputation).

I am confident in the value of this program because I’ve been coaching people like you since 2010, I’ve been a mentor to LPP students since its inception, I coach senior members of the Bar so I understand their perspective when it comes to the hiring process, and I understand how the legal profession works (having practiced as a civil litigator for 13 years in Toronto at both a big and small law firm). Let me be your coach!”